Help with midi


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Hi Everyone Could use some help as I wire up my midi pedal board (with an RJM Mastermind switcher/controller).

I have three pedals that use the standard DIN connector, two of which have pass throughs. I then have a Kernom Ridge that uses a TRS Mini Type A (which has a pass through), and then a Jet Revelation 2.0 that "conforms to the specification for TRS to Midi adapters issued by the Midi Association", which I presume is also Type A. The Jet doesn't have a pass-through either.

As people her know, the Mastermind has one Midi out. For the three DIN pedals, I presume I could go through the two with pass-throughs and into the one that doesn't. But that leaves me without a source for the other two pedals.

I assume I'll need some type of midi splitter box like the one from Disaster Areas or the RJM one that allows the DIN signal to pass through, but then lets me push out to the Revelation and (using a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter) to the Kernom Ridge? I am told though that the original midibox doesn't work with the "Jackson type" pedals, which based on the Jet Traffic Controller are the same as Jet pedals. Is that type A?

TLDR: Need help understanding various MIDI connectors and a recommendation on a midibox that would work for me. The cheaper the better :)
I can't speak to specifics of other products, but you're definitely going to need a TRS MIDI adapter box. The Multibox can communicate with ring active, tip active and type A connections. And it'll work with type B connections using an adapter cable.