Hold Functions for Bank Switching


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I just recently bought a PBC 6X and I was trying to make more than 4 presets per bank without using an external switch and without having to use hold functions to switch presets. My solution to this was to change the bank up & down to hold functions. However that does not seem to work well at all, because after the initial 2 seconds of holding the button, it very quickly scrolls through banks, making it practically impossible to switch banks accurately. Is there a way to set up the hold functions to switch only one bank at a time? If not, then is it possible to make the switching between banks longer, so it can actually be used properly?
Also, I tried setting up pages and for some reason, every time I switch between the pages, my PBC just freezes and I have to restart it to unfreeze it.
Lastly, I can't seem to figure out what the alternative functions are used for. I thought I would be able to use the 2nd press to switch to a different preset like you could with Boss controllers and their "Current Button" functions, however I can't figure out if that is possible.


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You're probably running into a conflict between button repeats and hold functions. Set "First Repeat" to be 0 to disable button repeats entirely, or set it to be much larger than Hold Time so that the hold function triggers well before it starts repeating.

The other thing you're describing sounds like you have a blank button page. Make sure that you only have Local Page checked for presets if you really intend there to be a local button page and you've created one for that preset. Also, make sure that Max Page is not set to include button pages that are blank.


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Do you have the hold functions set to momentary? That seems like the only way it would scroll through more than one, but I have admittedly not tried it. Also, I've been confused by the display thinking it was scrolling because it just says "Bank <some number>" and it cycles through the presets in the bank, briefly showing each name in the display. But it's really just waiting for you to select a preset in that bank. (I didn't know about this til just now, but it looks like you can turn that off and make it just auto select the first preset from the Global tab using "Instant Bank Switching.")

You can use the 2nd press to switch to a different preset, but you have to set "Preset 2nd Press" to "Alternate" in the Global tab (maybe you've done this) and then also assign secondary presets to each preset (in the presets tab, in the general settings box there is a "Alt preset" selector).