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HX Stomp: select snapshot when changing presets

Discussion in 'PBC General Discussion' started by moehuh, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. moehuh

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    Sep 6, 2018
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    Hi Ron

    I set up my pedalboard so I can play with or without amps. The HX Stomp is in loop 7 and when I'm not using real amps, I just change the default state of loop 7 to always on and move to a preset with amp simulation and go direct after the board. This actually works fine, but it is a bit inconvenient when using multiple presets on the Stomp. I will have to edit and save each preset on the Stomp, when changing from real amps to sims and back.

    The Stomp recalls the last snapshot you were on when saving a preset, so I can use this to move from snapshot 1 -> amp sim off to snapshot 2 -> amp sim on. But it still requires selecting the preset, changing the snapshot and saving the preset again. This will become rather time consuming with 10+ presets and having to change multiple times per week (rehearsal with amps, home without, live both with or without).

    Here's an example, of what I would like to do: I create preset 002 on the Stomp to be a Chorus effect (snapshot 1 with amp sim off, snapshot 2 with amp sim on). I then select that preset on my PBC-10 on a song preset where I want Chorus. Now, it would be great to recall preset 002-snapshot1 when playing with real amps and recall preset 002-snapshot2 otherwise.

    I tried creating an independent IA button outside my presets to change snapshots, but it doesn't send a new snapshot change message when I change presets on the Stomp (or load a new song preset). Would it be possible to somehow link the preset change and snapshot select messages? E.g. make the PBC send something like PC:002 & CC69:000 or PC:002 & CC69:001 depending on a "global snapshot selector"?

    Or would there be another possibility?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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