In over my head Lexicon PCM 96 and others

Hoping for some guidance. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. I bought the RJM Mastermind LT and plan to use it with the Lexicon PCM 96. I also intend to use the Effects gizmo on Midi channel 2, and a Surh amp channel selector on channel3.

Windows 10
RJM LT v 4.5
Lexicon PCM 96 Ch 1
Effects Gizmo Ch2
Channel switch. Ch 3

I have everything connected and set up correctly. (I think). Please see pics below.
I cannot get the RJM to connect to any of the devices. Also, The Lexicon says it transmits in 32, and I dont know what that means or where to place 32 in the RJM program.
I am concerned that the RJM MIDI out port may be defective because non of the units are receiving info.
I have downloaded MIDI OX and tested the port with mixed results. Not sure what I'm doing there either. The test shows rapid green and red messages that scroll really fast. Not sure what that means.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have invested pretty heavily in this to work out.



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Hi there,

I don't know what "transmits in 32" means either, but for now we can focus on some other issues that need to be fixed.

The main issue is that you have actions on your Preset buttons. Those aren't going to work as you expect them to. Preset buttons that have IA actions will act effectively as two buttons - a button that selects a preset and doesn't run the actions in the list, and a button that only runs the actions in the list. Creating an "IA Mode" button will allow you to switch between those two separate button functions. This feature makes more sense on our larger controllers that have a lot of buttons, but isn't as useful on an LT. It's best to ignore it.

Without getting too far down the rabbit hole, I'll make some suggestions. If you'd like your presets to send CC messages, use the Preset Actions list in the Presets tab. Any actions specified there will run when the preset is loaded. Please note that the preset actions will send their "On' values when the preset is loaded, but the "Off" value is never sent. Then, remove the actions from your preset buttons so they don't interfere.


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Ok, thanks, I’ll work with that some and see what I get. Just basic communication seems to be first on the list. The lexicon has four differ banks to select presets from, default, user, etc.. so somehow it needs to tell it which bank it’s trying to select from.
Lexicon manual


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Ok, that just means that it uses CC#32 for bank selection. In the Devices tab, set Bank Type to LSB. This will allow you to specify both a preset and a bank number for the PCM96 for each LT preset.
Is there a way to see if the MIDI output port is working? I have made changes and still no communication with unit. I have also switched MIDI cables.

dev2.jpg pre2.jpg
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A computer running MIDI monitor software and a MIDI interface or USB to MIDI cable is the best way to test the output. Use MIDI-OX for PCs and Snoize MIDI Monitor for Mac, both are free.

I don't see anything in your settings that looks incorrect, it should send messages when you select presets.

Another thing to try is to plug the LT directly into each device's MIDI port and see if you can get any of them to respond individually.
I ran the OX. Not exactly sure what I was doing, but stumbled through it a little. With these readings and current fails, it appears the output port is not working. I went to options and ran the test using the MIDI interface and these are the results.

ox1.jpg ox2.jpg
Rapid scrolling blue and red messages. RJM is rapidly blinking from presets 1 and 2.
The picture is a still. but the screen is rapid scrolling.


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Ok, that shows that the LT is definitely sending, but it looks like you have a loop in the MIDI Ox configuration.

In MIDI-OX, select MIDI Devices in the Options menu. Under Port Mapping, find the Yamaha UX-16 item, click the "+" next to it to open up the items under it (if it's not already open). Then click on the Yamaha UX-16 item that's under the first one, and delete it.

Also, uncheck "Automatically attach inputs to outputs during selection" to avoid this happening in the future.

Once that's fixed, you should see a group of messages appear each time you select a preset on LT. I recommend connecting each MIDI device directly to the LY and see which ones respond and which don't.
Ok, changes made as recommended.
Curious as why the input has a green dot line, but the output only has red dots.
Current input messages.

ox4.jpg ox5.jpg ox6.jpg
output messages

I will work on the individual units over the weekend.

Thanks for your help.


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Btw, if the lack of green dots (only red) on the output, what constitutes a “fail” when I hook up all the other units? What am I looking for?


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There are two MIDI input ports (one shown in green and one in red), and one MIDI output port, that's all that means.

If you're getting tons of messages in the input monitor and none in the output monitor, then the next thing to look at is your cabling and device settings. Somehow, you're getting an infinite loop somewhere. How are your MIDI devices connected, exactly, and what are the settings in the MIDI tab?
Ok, well, I am going to refer to Lexicon. I just took the MIDI In for the lexicon and plugged direct into the channel switcher and the RJM is making MIDI changes on that channel. So, some reason the Lexicon is not responding. Thanks for all your help and sorry for the trouble.