Keeping previous state on unsaved presets?


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I like to store SOME of my presets with a particular amp switching setup. Then on others I just like to step thru them and try with gain switched or not. I reset the unit and have stored NO programs. When i set the mag with a channel or two engaged, it turns them off upon seeing ANY program messages. Is there a way to make the mag previous state, remain, when nothing has been stored to the program presets it may see incoming?

It also would be nice if the MAG would recognize cc messages on one channel and programs on another? Thanks for the awesome products and support, as always.
Unfortunately, it can't do either right now - it will always respond to PC messages, and there isn't any way to get it to respond to PCs and CCs on separate channels. Sorry...
No worries, but you never know if you don't ask. Thanks for the prompt reply as usual. RJM service is second to none!