Line Mixers That Can Be Controlled With Expression/Volume Pedal?

I'm building a W/D/W rig and I'm looking for a Line Mixer that can take at least 4 wet (STEREO) pedals + 1 dry (MONO) signal and I want to be able to mix in the dry signal using a pedal (expression/volume style).

Does anyone have any suggestions for such a device?
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Not sure if you're building a rack rig or not, but this device from MLC seems to have a lot of features you're after.

Since I posted this I've figured out that I will be able to do what I want using an expression pedal hooked up to a Morningstar MC8 MIDI controller, with my effect pedals (the Boss 500-series) hooked up to a Morningstar ML10X effect loop switcher, which in turn is controlled by the MC8.

This way I'll be able to do all the mixing of wet and dry in the Boss pedals themselves. The Boss DD-500, MD-500 and RV-500 all have kill-dry and they allow me to decide how much dry and wet comes out through their output (on a scale between 0-100), and by using MIDI I can control the ratio using the expression pedal hooked up to the MIDI controller (MC8).