Lock on/off pedal CC actions?

Does anyone know how to lock CC actions? I have a Boss DD-500 and a Source Audio Ventris that I CC'd action to turn on/off the pedals per button. When I go to the Presets tab, I would love if those CC's be on for every single preset. But right now, every single preset is set to being it off. Is there a way to have each preset to default these pedals to be on all the time until i set them to turn off in different scenarios? Thanks!
I know you can reverse the on msg to be 127 and the off be 0 and switch button colors but I have other saved files that aren't doing that and that'll make it confusing to think whether if the pedals are on or off.


Staff member
Sorry, there's no way to do that except for the method you mentioned (aside from just changing the button in each preset manually).