Making a Stereo setup with one amp with RG16

Hey Ron and RJM folks, got a question here. My RG16 works great and does everything i need it to. I just have a setup question on how to combine the stereo output of my Eventide H3000 to a single output so that i can hv the stereo effects working with one amp. Is there a device that can do that? Lets say a guitar mono Dry input, a Stereo input, and optional mono/stereo output with just a knob to determine the balance between dry n wet??? How do i achieve this? I want both of the sounds from the output of my eventide cos most patches require both outputs coming out with different sounds each. I really cant bring 2 amps and venues here dont really put up with that kinda thing.

Any solution folks? And does anyone know here whether i can use the H3000 as a whammy if i use an expression pedal?

Thx guys so much. :)


Staff member
Basically, you just need a little mixer to mix down the left and right signals. You'd have to shop around for one with the right features, but there are tons available.

Not sure about the H3000 - I've never used one...