Making your own cables...

Thanks. Just trying to make sure I don’t miss anything on cabling. Looking forward to a tidy board but I’m a long way from it. Right now I have the PBC6/x and pedals all over the floor with a combination of store bought cables and some old self made ones. Once I get it all working the way I want then I’ll finally put them on the board and make all the cables to fit including MIDI.

Then I’ll start my main board with the PBC10. LOL
I just bought a few and I’m interested in your solder experience with them? Decent soldering pads? I’m sure it’s tight but they look the best of the best for Y-Cables. I wasn’t that worried about strain relief since they’ll be secured on the board and permanently mounted. I’ll still probably use some heat shrink but more for a clean look vs strain relief.

Yeah the soldering pads are fine just the center pad (that’s like a well) is a bit tricky to get right. The fit is tight with heat shrink, but you might be able to get things to work fine depending on your heat shrink.

This video is useful if you are curious:
Thanks for the feedback and that video, it was helpful. The center looks a wee bit tricky but I’ve become fairly decent at soldering even though I’m slow as molasses.

Mogami 2319
- thin and flexible high quality cable

Square Plugs sp500 - flattest connectors available to conserve space between pedals. High quality, very easy to solder.

Square Plugs sps5 - smallest straight TS connector. Great for running to switcher. High quality, easy to solder

G&H Stubby TRS - smallest straight TRS connectors. High quality, easy to solder.

One Control Hammer MIDI Cables - Lowest profile midi cables (that I know of)
I use the same with the exception of the SPS5s, I use the G&H TS stubbies. I appreciate the strain relief.