Mastermind Alphanumeric Display


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I realize this is a recurring theme for me, but...

I came across a product that would be useful for anyone wanting an alphanumeric display for their Mastermind: ... ltage.html

Truth be told not everyone can afford a GT (wants and desires aside). The other truth is that few products are as easy to program as the Mastermind, or have such amazing support. An alphanumeric display is just icing on the cake really.

What would seal the deal now is a Mac/PC Editor for the Mastermind - go on Ron! I know the GT quite rightly gets the main focus but this would fill a market gap at the prosumer level ;)

Anyway... I am not familiar with Molten Voltage myself but their product range features some cool devices. Well worth a look...
Hi Bozie - I followed your lead , and got myself a couple of Molten Voltage SIMI displays. One of them I use as a display for the RJM Mastermind , and a second one functions as a Visual metronome - using sysex code on a track in Sonar. THANK YOU very much Sir for this GREAT tip. :)