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I'm a new owner of a Mastermind to use with my Axe.

First thing I changed, were 2 wires I soldered from Midi-In to Midi-Out. Now I can use one 7-pin cable for
Patches, Tuner and Phantom Power. Works great. :)

But I was too lazy to program it with the stomps. Therefore I wrote a java GUI that can edit patches (Sysex from Midi-Ox).
Thanks again for the great support from RJM. If enough are interested and I am allowed, I might setup a project page.
Only some global settings are missing at the moment, but only because I didn't need them.


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Cool! That didn't take very long! You definitely have my support if you want to go further with it.
If anyone wants to use the editor, please see attached jar file.
It is a quite simple interface. I didn't need it for a while, so there was no requirement to change it.
- please look at the manual to find out how to send and receive sysex dumps with the unit :)
- File select -> then load -> then save (requires a sysex dump e.g. with MidiOx)
- the Quick Menu is my little help with my Axe
- some global options are missing, they have to be set in the unit

But I could edit with the GUI much faster and it was also nice to use different dumps for different configurations.


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Thanks for doing this. It worked great for me!

I was disappointed to find out that the default program change number was set to 1 for all presets for destinations PC2, PC3 and PC4. Why couldn't it be set to the preset number like it is for PC1? Anyway, it would have been horribly tedious to fix this using the footpedal buttons, but with your app I was able to change it much more conveniently.
It's a Java app, so it has the possibility of working. However, I just tried it on my Mac and it doesn't run. I will try to look at it when I can. Java support on the Mac has not been very good for quite a while, and MIDI support in Mac Java has been even more troublesome.