Mastermind expression tutorial/setup?


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Hi, first off I have the original Mastermind, and just bought a Nektar $20 expression, just because eventually I will get a Mission expression, perhaps next year, but wanted to futz with this thing. I don't remember ever seeing how the expression can be set up, I know you sent me a link about getting my fx2000 to be able to have the effects switch with the rack gizmo and the buttons on the mastermind, but very very curious on how to set it up with the mastermind. On a side note, in the future, if I get a mission sp1 RJM expression, and then an expressionator, would that all be compatible with the original Mastermind? Anyways, thanks.
Bump, I now have an expressionator, and would like to use it to also talk to my mastermind, to in turn, talk to my rack gizmo, which would talk to my fx2000 to get it to switch effects, and also be able to use my expression pedal to work with the fx2000, to say, intensify or diminish the active effect. Also Is it possible to have it send midi messages when I switch to different loops, so that I can have it programed to have different effects on the fx2000 if I hit any of the loops 1-5? Thanks, any type of assistance would be greatly appreciated, I've had this since the rack gizmo came out, and have only been able to use it as a loop switcher. I've read the manuals many times, but I have a learning disability and it's frustrating. Please help.
Pg 18, 19, 24
To assign the Mastermind to send expression pedal data, do the following:

- Look at page 24 of the FX2000 manual, there's a list of CC numbers that can be controlled. For example, to control the effect mix, you would use CC111.
- Select a preset on the Mastermind
- Hold 1 and press 3 to enter setup mode
- Press the "1 / Function Select" button repeatedly until you get to "PdL" (expression pedal)
- Then, press the 2 / PC/CC Number" button repeatedly to get to 111 (or whatever CC number you're looking for)
- Hold 1 and press 3 to exit setup.

This will set up the expression pedal to control that parameter - for the current preset only. You can edit each preset and have them each control different parameters if you like.

The original Mastermind is pretty limited compared to the newer Masterminds. You can select presets on the Rack Gizmo and effect processor, or you can select one of 5 loops on the Rack GIzmo, but you can't do both with a single button press.