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Mastermind GT: Splits and Layers

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Mike McGary, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Mike McGary

    Mike McGary
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    Apr 1, 2017
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    My GT 16 has been a huge help to my keyboard rig in so many ways. But there are two areas that need help:

    1. Splits and Layers: it would be great if I could assign a key range to each Device on the Presets page. Right now, I get full keyboard layering with all devices that are active for that preset. If a range could be specified for each device, I could easily have the left half of the keyboard playing two devices as a layer and have the right side playing a third device.

    2. MIDI feedback: My primary keyboard is also a sound source. Since it is using channel 1, that means that every note I press goes out as channel 1 and comes back into that keyboard as channel 1. When I am playing with local-off, the primary keyboard is still making a sound because of the events coming back into it from the GT. When I am not using local-off, the primary keyboard is double-triggered. My hack solution is to take a Midi Solutions router configured to not let note-on data back into the primary keyboard, but lets the program change and other important data (volume, local-on/off, parameters from foot pedals) through. If I could block the note events from going to that device (either in the devices page or the presets page), I could get rid of some complex fragile midi routing.

    Otherwise the GT has met my needs very well. It has put all of my previous rig controller devices to shame.

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