Mastermind GT16 - Loose Part!


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I took my GT16 out if its gig bag for a setup and sound check yesterday, and heard something rattling around inside. Once I got home I opened it up and found whats in the attached pic. I managed to get through the sound check and the GT16 seemed to function fine. What is it and where did it come from on the board inside? Is it something to worry about?


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Yeah, that's not great. That's the main capacitor for the power supply. Its mostly needed in case the GT is being powered by AC instead of DC, that's why the GT is still working. The GT will probably be more sensitive to power line fluctuations, and possibly may reset unexpectedly. If you're in the US, please send it in and I'll take care of it. If elsewhere, let me know where and we'll review our options.
Hi Ron,

I’m located in Newfoundland, Canada.

Edit: I am currently powering it with your phantom power box over 7 Pin midi.