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At long last, here's the 4.6.0 release...

EDIT: 4.6.2 4.6.3 now available, details below!

  • A ton of new device support:
    • Chase Bliss Preamp and CXM1978
    • Several CooperFX devices
    • Seymoud Duncan Dark Sun
    • Empress Zoia
    • Eventide Rose
    • GFI Synesthesia (added new CCs to Specular Tempus too)
    • Hologram Microcosm, Dream Sequence
    • HX Stomp XL (added more CCs to HX Stomp and HX Effects)
    • Jackson Asabi and Golden Boy
    • Meris Hedra
    • Mesa MIDI Matrix
    • Neunaber Neuron
    • Vintage Revolution Pedal Pro (basic unidirectional support)
    • Red Panda Particle, Tensor, Context
    • Source Audio EQ2
    • Strymon Night Sky, more CCs for Volante
    • And of course, Mini Effect Gizmo X and Overture
  • Cycle buttons can now be grouped. If you link one or more of them, step #1 is considered the "off" step which it will return to when another button in the group is activated
  • Cycle buttons can now be IA Linked together
  • Fnction switches can be named by the user. There's an "Audio Feature Names" menu option that allows you to set the names.
  • Added CCs for remote bank up and bank down functions
  • System / Wait action will wait a specified number of milliseconds. Please note that this is pretty "dumb" - it will stop everything while it waits, except MIDI clock, so don't make it wait too long. If you're trying to put delays in between messages going to the same device, make sure that that device has Direct Send PC/CC turned on, otherwise you won't get the desired effect.
  • Added the option to send "True" note off messages instead of Note Ons with 0 velocity
  • System Report in the editor now has search functionality
  • The MIDI tab now only shows the CCs that are actually supported by the currently selected model of Mastermind.
  • Removed artificial limit to 99 for IA IDs on hold functions
  • Fixed Previous Preset button type's behavior
  • External switches set to Preset type now number themselves correctly
  • External switches will now repeat correctly (if set to a button type that is supposed to repeat)
  • Page buttons now repeat
  • Note messages are now send correctly over USB
  • The page selector at the bottom of the Presets tab now works correctly
  • Local pages with IA Cycle buttons now behave correctly
  • The editor didn't handle grouped hold functions correctly in the Presets tab, now fixed
4.6.1 started as a bug fix release, but I decided to squeeze in a few extras that didn't quite make the cut for 4.6.0.
  • Added support for Walrus pedals and Quad Cortex
  • Fixed support for Jackson pedals
  • Fixed CC lists for some RJM products
  • Fixed firmware update problems in editor
  • Fixed system report in editor to show more parameters (IA ID, Min, Max, etc.) Also external switches are now shown properly
  • The LT can now use a PBC (or new Mini Effect Gizmo) as a remote tuner and display the results on the Mastermind's screen. Just send the Tuner CC to the PBC or MEGX and run a System / Tuner action. As long as you have a bidirectional connection between the two, you should get the tuner appearing on the LT.
  • Fixed grouping of external switches on pages higher than page 1.
  • Fixed external switches' handling of IA Cycle colors
  • Turning Send Redundant PCs off now works correctly when Direct Send is turned on
  • Fixed the quick flash IA buttons did when changing presets on an Axe-Fx III
CHANGES FOR 4.6.2 (firmware only release):
  • Fixed Get Preset Names on Kemper as much as I could. It won't hang anymore, and it generally works, but sometimes it will put an incorrect name in a blank performance slot. This is something that Kemper has to fix, and they're aware of the issue.
  • Fixed the "w Tails" effect buttons so that they are in sync with the respective delay and reverb blocks
  • Fixed local button pages so that scene buttons are correct when the page is loaded
  • Fixed MIDI Clock = Auto for incoming clock over USB
  • Fixed an incorrect interaction between Previous Preset buttons and Preset 2nd Press = Reload
  • Fixed a bug involving Previous Preset buttons and actions and MIDI banks
  • Did a lot of work in general improving MIDI bank handling. The Mastermind now always sends MIDI banks before PCs during a preset change, for any device that supports banks. Prior, it would try to be "smart" and not send bank numbers it thought were redundant.
CHANGES FOR 4.6.3 (firmware only release):
  • More fixes for Get Preset Names


PLEASE DON'T DO A MAJOR FIRMWARE UPDATE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR BIG GIG! (Not that many people are gigging right now, but hopefully soon?)

- First, back up your settings to a flash drive or computer! If you go back to 4.5 or earlier, your Mastermind will factory reset.
- Download and unzip the firmware file.
- Copy the file to a USB flash drive, and remove any other .rjf files from the flash drive.
- Eject the drive from your computer.
- Power on the Mastermind while holding the 1 and 3 buttons.
- Keep holding until you see "Mastermind Bootloader" appear on the screen.
- Now plug the flash drive into your Mastermind. The update should begin and will take a few minutes to complete.


- First, back up your settings to a flash drive or computer! If you go back to 4.5 or earlier, your Mastermind will factory reset.
- Download and unzip the firmware file.
- Use the Transfer / Update Firmware menu option to update the Mastermind. This works with LTs made after March 2019.


Mac Editor:
PC Editor:

Manual: LT Manual-4.2.pdf

Editor Manual:
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