MEGX with stereo JP-15

A MEGX is on the way, I read the manual and it really blows my mind, I have a JP15-7 that I will use together with an EVH 5150 III 50W, I am trying to figure out the best way to do separate guitar scenes for aggressive rhythms and others for acoustics with piezo .

The first option that comes to mind is:

- GUITAR STEREO OUT ( "Y" cable ) -- Pick-up to In MEGX // -- Piezo to RETURN LOOP 3
- LOOP 2 : SEND -- to amp input // SEND AMP to RETURN MEGX
- LOOP 3 : SEND : empty // RETURN : piezo
- OUT : To amplifier return

Scenes with pick-up LOOP 3 OFF
Scenes with piezo LOOP 2 OFF

I would like to know if this will work or if I have put something very wrong I am very new to this type of configuration.

On the other hand, I would like to know another type of way to take advantage of the stereo output of guitars such as the JP-15 pick-up/piezzo.
I was wondering if MEGX has a stereo input, could I use a TRS to TRS cable and then separate the signal somehow?

Thank you all
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If everything's going into the same amp, then you're on the right track. I see that the piezo signal will be going straight into the amp's effect return - make sure you test that first to see if it works. I'm not certain that the unamplified piezo signal will be hot enough. If that isn't enough, then you could just swap loops 2 and 3 so that the piezo goes through the amp's preamp (presumably on the clean channel). Or use some sort of preamp on the piezo signal.

The MEGX input is stereo, but it's not splittable where you could route the left and right sides independently. You'll need another way to split the signals from the guitar before they hit the MEGX.
Thanks, changing the order is a good idea, but I'll try entering the loop without a preamp, in general I like how the piezo sounds direct to the line, that's if I've never tried it in an amplifier loop, I'll also try putting a compressor before.
Another way that could be used is to connect the guitar with a TRS to TRS cable and from the guitar you can choose whether to pass one signal or the other, but you will have to do two actions to change the scene, on the one hand step on the foot controller and on the other the other is to change the guitar selector by hand, really this is very easy and possibly, but what it is about is to make it even easier if we can.

Next week my MEGX will arrive and I will share the results in case it can help someone.

Sorry I'm using Google translator there may be some confusing translation
Hello, MEGX has arrived and after a few days it starts to work, finally I have also put a noise gate so I have needed to enable another loop, due to the cables I had I have enabled loop 12 and finally it has been as follows:

- GUITAR STEREO OUT ( "Y" cable ) -- Pick-up to In MEGX // -- Piezo to RETURN LOOP 3
- LOOP 2 : SEND -- to amp input // SEND AMP to RETURN MEGX
- LOOP 3 : SEND : empty // RETURN : PREAMP/ COMPRESOR to piezo
- OUT : To amplifier return
The truth is that it has been easier than I expected but there is a problem which is that LOOP 6 is always ON which I suppose is related to having separated channels 6 and 12, even if I change it manually or with the APP when I call up the preset again, LOOP 6 is turned on again.
On the other hand I find a limitation that I hope can be configured since I have not found it.
Let me explain: EVH 5150 III 50W changes channels by midi but you can only assign one Program Change for each channel of the amplifier, so I have:
- Program Change 1 - Green Channel (Clean)
- Program Change 2 - Blue channel ( Crunch )
- Program Change 3 - Red Channel (Lead)

In addition, the amplifier only has a Midi input, it does not have a Midi ouput.

Therefore I have to go from my controller , which is an AIRSTEP , to the MIDI IN of the MEGX and from the MIDI OUT of the MEGX to the MIDI IN of the 5150 . MEGX sends the same Program Change that it sends to MEGX and that's fine but it limits me to only having three scenes, my question is if it is possible that I can choose which Program Change MEGX sends in each preset?

I know you could use two AIRSTEP cables since it has two MIDI OUTUTS and can send two different messages but it would be better to use only one cable if possible.

Finally, since I promised to give an answer, I have tried the piezo thing and it works, it sounds good but at a very low volume as the administrator could have predicted, so I am looking for a compressor or a mini pedal preamp to put it before enter the RETURN of the AMP

Thank you so much


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Loop 6 should only be on if something tells it to be on. Do you have it locked on in the MEGX settings?

The MEGX output is a copy of whatever comes in the input, it doesn't change the MIDI data going through it.
Ok, I already found the cause of why loop 6 always turns on, it's because in my controller I was sending CC #85 so that the EVH 5150 loop is activated but that message also activates loop 6, I changed that message to another value CC # 120 to avoid the conflict and everything is solved.
It was something simple but easy to fall into the trap hahahaha
Hello, I practically have everything working although I still have a problem, I think the last one to solve. For some unknown reason LOOP 12 does not turn on , I find the delay very strange , which is on LOOP 6 and shares the same wires , it does work , so I think it has to be some configuration , could you suggest me some tests ? .
On the other hand, I discovered by reading the EVH 5150 manual that you can assign different Program Changes to each channel of the amplifier, so finally making multiple scenes using the MEGX MIDI OUT to the 5150's MIDI IN is very easy.



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Do you have something that's sending CC#91? If so, that could be switching off loop 12.
At first I didn't have any message assigned but then I tried to send CC# 91 with value 127 and it didn't turn on the LOOP either.
Try it again, this time with the pedal disconnected from the cable. Keep the cables plugged into the MEGX. When you turn the loop on, the signal should mute.
Everything was solved with a restart of the device, I may have done so many tests that at some point a conflict was created, I have redone the presets and everything has worked from the first moment, I apologize for so much inconvenience, honestly I am very happy with it MEGX I have achieved all my objectives and I know that I am only using a very small percentage of its possibilities, I only think that in the future I may need MEGX to send the midis messages or better that I can choose between MIDI THRU and MIDI OUT, I have in mind to use the EVH 5150 III 100 W that does not have MIDI and I am still thinking how to get