MIDI Changes in the Song Settings?


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First, thanks for a WONDERFUL product. My PBC Mastermind has made my rock gear geek dreams come true. I don't know if this request for a future update is possible, or if you guys take requests (I don't take requests, especially if they are for Freebird), but anyway...

So I set my rig up as follows:
I have my 10 devices in place
I then created a Preset for every possible combination of those devices (eg: Clean, Clean/Comp, Clean/Comp/Mod, Clean/Comp/Mod/Reverb, etc...) This comes to 320 presets. Admittedly, some there I may never use, but they are well organized and all there to use if needed.
Then I have songs, and load the Presets for each song.
I don't use the Setlist Function...I run my rig with Setlister on my iPad.

So, all is good with this setup. My Strymon Pedals (Timeline, Mobius, Big Sky) and my TC Nova can be controlled by MIDI. Initially, no problem...I send MIDI controls from my iPad to select the settings for them "per song". No need to load multiple versions of my preset for "Clean/Mod/Reverb" with MIDI presets for Chorus on one, Phaser on the other...

Problem comes when I want to go from Chorus to Phaser during a song...perhaps for a lightly phased solo, then back to Chorus again for the next verse. For this I have to create a couple of special presets for that song where the MIDI info for each Strymon preset is in there. I also use a synthesizer in my set-up which I trigger with a set of basspedals. One cool thing the Mastermind allows me to do is start the synth when I change to a preset...for example, the above phased solo might be backed by synth. When I select the solo preset, it can send a MIDI command for the synthesizer to play the first note of the synth backing for the solo. No need for me to quickly go from the preset change down to my basspedals...I just move to them for the next note in the progression. This is AMAZING control.

So the way it could be more amazing, and honestly, for me, much more organized, would be if MIDI commands could be added into the songs for the Presets 1-6, or at least maybe the first 2-3 presets. That was I don't have Presets for random songs thrown in my Editor, and have to figure out whether I can use one from Song A in Song X to conserve space and make my Preset list less crazy.

Not sure how much this would help other out there...I am sure there are endless ways people set up their gear.