Midi Controlled small form factor latching foot switch


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I have some Suhr pedals on my pedalboard that have dual functionality with a press and hold feature. The pedals also have 1/8" jacks in them so you can control the dual funciton switching with a switcher. I would really like to have something like the amp gizmo but small enough to fit under or on a pedalboard with midi so I can use the PBC6x to control the dual functions of the pedal without having to step on them with press and hold. I know people like these types of devices for amp switching which I believe the mini amp gizmo was used for and could be used for this maybe but with 1/4" jacks? Anyway, something with like 4 jacks to switch and midi for controlling the switching would ideal.

I think the Voodoo Labs switcher will do this, but it seems a bit large:

Edit: Actually, looks like XTS sells what I’m after. The M2S midi adaptor. Would still be cool if you guys had an option too.
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