Mini Effect Gizmo X editor / firmware version 1.1.1


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I've just posted version 1.1.1 of the Mini Effect Gizmo X editor. The MEGX firmware is included in the editor, and the editor will ask if you want to perform an update as soon as it connects to the MEGX. The editor and firmware versions need to match in order for them to work together.

Changes in firmware 1.1.0:
- Fixed a bug that made fuzz mode not pay attention to loop order
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Switches buttons from working when one or more loops were split
- Fixed a bug that caused the tuner to not shut off in some cases

Changes in editor 1.1.0:
- Fixed a random crash bug
- The editor didn't always show the correct loop split status when starting up - now fixed
- Added built-in firmware update feature

Changes in editor 1.1.1:
- (hopefully) Fixed a crash bug some users were encountering

You can download the editor here: (Mac) (Windows)

The iPad version can be found in the App Store.
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Thanks for pointing that out, I'll try repackaging it so it doesn't fail that test.
I just posted editor version 1.1.1 - some users were reporting crashes, and this hopefully fixes that.