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More "forgiving" tuner mode triangles?

Discussion in 'PBC Wish List' started by vatore3rd, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. vatore3rd

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    Jul 13, 2019
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    The left/right triangles appear in tuner mode only when the string is perfectly in tune. Looking for both triangles is the easiest way for me to see if I'm in tune since the number readout and the bar are harder to read at a distance.

    However, getting the string to be EXACTLY in tune so the triangles appear requires a level of precision and attention that seems to be much more difficult than getting my previous PolyTune LEDs to turn green ;).

    It would be cool to have an option to specify the # cents within which both triangles will appear. If set to 2, for example, then both triangles will appear when the string is within +/- 2 cents of the proper pitch. Default value would be 0 to match current behavior. This lets you trade off exact tuning accuracy for easier visibility for quick "close enough" tuning. Thanks!

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