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After almost a year of planning/saving, I completed my new personal pedalboard a few weeks ago! I'm really happy with this board and just how versatile it is!



Since it's always the first question I get - the Morningstar is there primarily to make navigating the PBC easy. The leftmost buttons bank between songs, and the other buttons provide instant access to all of my PBC pages. As a result of this setup, I can do just about anything with a maximum of two button presses. I can also go into "Pedalboard" mode (mostly used in practice), which switches up the rig so that the PBC buttons control drive pedals and some basic modulation needs, while the Morningstar gives me control of reverb and delay. Essentially it makes it easy for me to play along with songs that I haven't programmed into the PBC.

I'm also very proud of the MIDI programming on this board. I really tried to take advantage of everything the pedals offer, while still making it dead simple to access anything I could need on the fly. I think I hit a really good balance with this rig, and it's worked out extremely well in practice so far. A few examples of what I can do (note: any of these things can be done with two button presses or less):
1) For the Echosystem, I have a page where I can switch between single/dual delay modes, or any of four various sets of delay subdivisions for the two delays.
2) On the HX Stomp I can switch between snapshots, enable/bypass any effect block in each preset, or switch between multiple settings for an effect (outside of snapshots).
3) My expression pedal can switch from volume pedal duty to become a whammy (or a wah with an HX Stomp preset change).


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Wow! that is just about maxing out what you can fit on (and in) that board. And it's still tidy, too! Nicely done!