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RJM Music has been setting the standard for MIDI Controllers & Guitar Audio Switchers for over a decade. The Mastermind PBC 6X is the latest, and most certainly greatest development to date by the MIDI Mastermind, Ron Menelli.

Nice Rack Canada is proud to have a long standing association with this revolutionary equipment manufacturer. The brilliant open ended design work at RJM Music has made it possible for our shop to help musicians push the boundaries of creativity.

Since the release of the 6X last year, we have built a batch of pedalboard systems based around this most powerful pedalboard audio switcher & MIDI controller combination device. The lastest iteration of this series was shipped to Tom Sutton, guitarist with Québécoise chanteuse - "Juli Ann".

The dynamic routing per preset capability of the 6X lends itself impeccably to working pro players. Regardless of what the artist & producer demand of the player & gear, the 6X allows the player to respond instantly.

From traditional signal paths to ambient soundscaping, the 6X switches between system signal routings on the fly. The clickless signal path does not rely on relays, setting a new standard in the operational noise floor of guitar systems.

The user definable system configuration & monstrously capable MIDI control functionality help make the 6X contour to your creativity, rather than your creativity contouring to the equipment.

At Nice Rack Canada we are dedicated to wringing every possible bit of functionality from the 6X, while making new firmware requests to the factory to further push the boundaries of possibility.

TheStrymon “Big 3” or “Stryfecta” combined with the 6X gives the player hundreds of studio grade modulation, delay & reverb options in any combination & order you could dream of.

The trio of harmonic stackers by Mad Professor can be combined in any order with any of the other devices in the rig to yield an unending parade of top notch tones.

Rounding out this workhorse tone factory is the Xotic SP Compressor, we’ve installed more of this compressor than any other model over the last decade. Have a listen for yourself and you’ll see why.

The volume pedal is a Boss FV-30 that we’ve modified with a Treble Bleed circuit & upgraded the pot.

To help Tom navigate the setlist as easily as possible, we did two things. 1. We made Tom aware of the 6X’s Setlist mode. 2. We built up a two button external switchbox for the 6X. The switch closest to the player advances the 6x to it’s next Preset, the top button (seldom used) is Preset down. The player literally has to use one switch to advance his rig through the entire set list.

Bring us your wish list of possibility, your list of things you hate & your unique logistic criteria for your sonic performance palette - and we’ll build you a system that far exceeds your expectations.

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