Page/IA Store button swap.


GT 10
I want to make buttons 1,2,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 be presets 1 through 8. Button 3 is now Page/ IA Store and button 4 is now IA Mode.
I swapped 2 and 3, I copied a preset to 2 and no matter what I do button 2 still changes between pages 1 and page 2. I limited pages to 1 page. That works on button 3 but even though button two shows as preset 2 it still changes from page 1 to page 2. What am I missing?
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I figured it out, I think it's a bug or maybe you want it this way. I go to edit preset 2 and it was still on page 2. If I exit with it still on page 2, it will toggle. I switched it to page 1 and hit Done and now it's gone


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Preset buttons don't work like other buttons. They're just placeholders. The system assigns the presets in the current bank starting in the upper left corner, which gets the first preset, then continues left to right, top to bottom, assigning presets to buttons in that order.

These videos explain it further, and explain how to use the Preset Index setting to change the order they're assigned.

Button Editing Part 1
Advanced Button Editing

Regarding the page changes, it's one of two things. Either you have a button that's set up to select page 2, and that button has Send on Preset Change turned on, or "Show Page" is set to page 2 for one of your presets. If it's the former, find the button that selects page 2, and turn off Send on Preset Change. If it's the latter, go through your presets and set Show Page to the correct page.