PBC 10 successor?


Any plans for a successor to the PBC10?

Would be interesting to see something with more loops (12-14), more switches, pre and post gain leveling for individual loops similar to the G3, and a “hidden preset” option similar to the G3.

I Think some of these features that are on the G3, combined with the PBC’s superior midi capabilities and software, would make for a killer piece of gear!

just food for thought..
Thanks very much for the input!

I can't comment on any future product plans, but the PBC already can do "hidden preset". We call it alternate preset. It's more flexible than theirs, but requires a little more setup. Set Preset 2nd Press to Alternate, and then in each main preset, assign an alternate preset number (usually, I assign alternate preset 101 to preset 1, alternate 102 to preset 2, etc., but it's up to you).
Ron - please keep parallel loops in whatever comes next and if possible add to the 6x! (doubt its possible but worth a shot)
I'd be interested in full parallel wet rig mixing inside of a PBX/?X+. So multiple (minimum 3, better 4) stereo loops plus dry through into a parallel mixer with per-loop input gain and phase reversal.
The PCB 20! If all 10 loops had the option to have split mono loops like the 6x and of course movable loops.
It would be intresting to see how Ron would deal with the parallel section. Maybe the insert loop before the parallel section could be movable/programable?

It would be nice to have output A & B have individual Programable options - Mono, L or R Stereo, Dry Only, Wet Only, Phase, Stereo to Mono Sum, On/Off etc.

I also like the step down on the 6x bringing the buttons lower.
The programable input and output gain is great feature as well.
I've just bought a MEG X to pair with my PBC/10, for loop order experimentation which will allow me to have both the parallel mixer in the PBC/10 and loop re-ordering for my compression and gain pedals. The addition of more loops is a bonus. Seems a very satisfactory and logical solution that removes an immediate need for a PBC/10 successor.

That said, I think that a PBC/10X (with loop ordering, splittable stereo loops, and parallel stereo mixer) makes sense in the long run and, if it had existed today, it would have been a no brainer for me.