PBC 10 successor?


Any plans for a successor to the PBC10?

Would be interesting to see something with more loops (12-14), more switches, pre and post gain leveling for individual loops similar to the G3, and a “hidden preset” option similar to the G3.

I Think some of these features that are on the G3, combined with the PBC’s superior midi capabilities and software, would make for a killer piece of gear!

just food for thought..


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Thanks very much for the input!

I can't comment on any future product plans, but the PBC already can do "hidden preset". We call it alternate preset. It's more flexible than theirs, but requires a little more setup. Set Preset 2nd Press to Alternate, and then in each main preset, assign an alternate preset number (usually, I assign alternate preset 101 to preset 1, alternate 102 to preset 2, etc., but it's up to you).


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Ron - please keep parallel loops in whatever comes next and if possible add to the 6x! (doubt its possible but worth a shot)
I'd be interested in full parallel wet rig mixing inside of a PBX/?X+. So multiple (minimum 3, better 4) stereo loops plus dry through into a parallel mixer with per-loop input gain and phase reversal.