PBC 6/X and El Capistan V2

Dimitri Papadimitriou

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So on one button page, I basically want to create 3 buttons to correspond with 3 El Cal presets. Slapback, med delay and long delay. Lastly, was going to do one more button with a CC message that turns off the delay mix giving me just a spring reverb. It seems that I for those type of changes, they need to be PC.

If I want those as IA buttons on a page, do I need to make them IA and set actions to trigger a PC change (in the location of the preset on El Cap?) I'm still digging and trying to figure out how to save a preset on the El Cap v2. I read the manual, have the right cable, and it's working since I got tap tempo and midi clock working.
That's correct, set up three IA buttons with PC actions. Make sure to group them by setting the group number the same on each button. That will insure that pressing one button will turn off the others.
just in general, because I may go with another midi controlled delay..... manual says:

To assign the MIDI device channel:
1. Hold down both stomp switches at power up then release once the LEDs begin flashing white.
2. Now send a MIDI Program Change message on the desired MIDI channel for the pedal.

How do I just send a Midi PC change message to tell the delay I want it on midi channel 2?
Those grouped buttons we talked about creating in the above posts will do it. Each press on one of those buttons will send one PC on one channel.

Just don't use normal Mastermind preset buttons - those can send PCs to every connected device, which is likely to cause the pedal to set itself to an unexpected channel.