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Two questions:

1. I have three buttons set up to control the looper on HX. One button has normal function to start recording. I have a hold on that to stop. Then I have the other two buttons to play and overdub. I set them up in a button group as well. I cant get the hold function to stop the recording.

2. I have snapshots set up on three other buttons and have the correct cc messages but it wont toggle them. I have the mode on HX for snapshot mode but nothing. I do have other buttons in that preset w cc blcok assignments. Is that affecting the switching? Also those three are in a button group
Check the CC assignments in the HX stomp to make sure they match the CCs the PBC is sending. If that's not it, send me your settings file and I'll have a look.
I figured out what I did wrong on the snapshots. The looper controls is what I'm trying to figure out.

On a similar token, if I want to be able to access the looper (which is PC 3), do I need to go to the IA button and assign actions to PC 3, then to execute the appropriate CC messages to control the looper.

Last and most important thing I'm noticing with the set up, when I click through to my home page..... sometimes I have to hit the button twice. Like there's a delay.

Another issue I'm finding is from my home page....my bottom right button is assigned to take me to Page 1 (presets). I toggle through to change presets on the rjm and sometimes when I hit preset 4, and then change to preset 2...it'll take me to my delays/reverb page. Instead of going to another preset.

Any help appreciated Ron. Attached is my file.


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Most of these are the same problem. IA buttons that change pages need to have all checkboxes turned off, except Momentary, which should be turned on. Otherwise, you can end up setting one of those buttons in the "on" state and storing that to a preset, so that the button automatically triggers when you change presets.

Regarding the looper, you should add a PC action to a button that selects PC 3 on the HX. This would be your "looper on" button. Then use the other buttons for stop, record, play, etc.
So for the PC action on the looper

Action type: PC
Device: HX Stomp
PC Number (Off) ?
PC Number (On) - I assume 3?

in the actions window on the left, PC change should be first an dTHEN the CC toggle?

If I want to access it separately, do I need to uncheck send on preset change?
I feel like that maybe conflicting with cc messages because when I switch presets now, or some checkbox is off becasue certain fx blocks that I assigned cc messages to stay on and don't toggle off when I change rjm presets. Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong is appreciated. I'm sorry for so many questions but I just may be too dumb to grasp this set up / midi devices.

I only have 4 presets as of now. Only two of these presets need to access the HX stomp for blocks.

On preset 1... I want it to go use my main HX preset which is 01A (Bank 0, PC 1). It uses only the compressor block, which I've assigned a CC toggle to to come on.
On preset 2, same as 1, using comp block but adding a chorus from the HX with a CC toggle
On preset 3, its just my amp set up and an audio loop (not using hx for that)
On preset 4, amp set up plus 2 audio loops (drive/boost) (not using hx)

When I switch from preset 2 (comp/chorus) to preset 3 (dirt/analog pedal), the chorus stays on.

Another thing that I'm not grasping -

Do I have to have each rjm preset that uses HX preset be set this way under rjm editor preset tab:

PC Bank 0, PC 1 to access the first main HX preset every time?

I'm assuming that I have to tell rjm to communicate with hx to be able to tell it which hx preset I need to be on everytime if it's in use
If you're using a preset action to turn on the chorus block in one preset, you need to add a preset action to your other presets to turn it off.

That's why I don't recommend using preset actions in most cases, they're a lot more work to set up, and that amount of work multiplies as you add more presets. A faster way to do it in the long run is to create a page of IA buttons that control chorus, compressor and other effects. Then, program those buttons to turn on on presets where you want those effects. The "off" part is handled automatically by the buttons.

More details on this approach here:
IA Button Options

Yes, you should have each Mastermind preset select the correct preset on the HX, just to be sure that you're always on the right preset. If this causes a problem (for example, if the HX has a gap every time a preset is selected, even the same preset), you can try turning off Send Redundant PCs in the Devices tab. This will prevent the Mastermind from sending the same PC more than once in a row.
I removed preset actions and did set up a page of IA buttons just to control blocks on one HX preset. Its a page called HX. That was what Ive been trying to do. I even try doing it through the pbc pedal. I go to the preset, click to thr hx page and turn stuff on and off and store (like I would a normal pedal). Ill try the redundant pcs option. Thanks for the vid. I actually watched yesterday but will review again.
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Ron, attached is my file. Can you look at it and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm really trying to keep it simple like you said. I just have one hx page devoted to IA buttons sending CC messages for those blocks on the 1 hx preset. I'm telling all the presets on pbc to send PC message Bank 0 PC 1 on all the presets I need the HX to work.

Here's a good example of what keeps happening:

When I switch on preset 1 (comp only) it works fine.
when I switch on preset 2 (comp and chorus), chorus

when I switch back to preset 1, chorus stays on.
then when I switch to preset 3 (comp / phaser only) the chorus stays on.

I've watched the video, toggled the update on preset change and all that and tried it all.


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Please try this experiment: turn off the checkbox for the HX Stomp PC messages in presets 1, 2 and 3 and write settings to device. Set the HX Stomp to preset 1 manually (on the HX stomp itself). Then, switch between presets 1, 2 and 3 on the Mastermind. See if the effect blocks switch correctly.

Some devices have a problem where they ignore other MIDI messages for a short time after receiving a program change. We need to figure out whether the HX is one of them. I know we've investigated this before, but I can't find the results of previous tests.
I turned off the checkbox for HX stomp PC messages on all the presets. I wrote settings to device. Then I changed the preset manually on stomp to some other preset and then mage to the main one. I switched between and it wasn't functioning right.

The last thing I just tried was turning IA link on for all the buttons on that page. Same thing.

I went into another users template and followed his CC toggles, and what he did was..

In the IA Actions:

first action was to send the HX CC toggle to the appropriately routed CC number on the HX
System / Set IA IA:7 off:None on:1

And now it's working perfectly. Mad props to @moehuh for the set up. I even copied the IA cycle for snapshots to where he's got a default, snap 1, snap 2 and snap 3. If I cycle through and leave it on snap 3 and try and go back to presets and switch around, snap 3's block stays on. However, if I cycle through to snap default....it seems the message turns off snap mode...so when I go to presets again, it works perfect. so that seemed to be the workaround for not having mixed CC messages. Even freed up two buttons to do dev- and dev+ on stomp.

If I can figure out how to set up the looper functions on the bottom 3 buttons, I'll be all set.
I'm trying to do something similar. I want one preset to activate FFS1 only, and then I want the next preset to activate FFS2 only. Right now, FFS1 wont toggle on. FFS2 Will toggle on sometimes and sometimes it toggles both FFS1 and FFS2 at the same time. I've tried redefining the CC# for FFS1 to CC4, and the CC# for FFS2 I redefined it to CC5. I copied some of the the settings my @moehuh that Dimitri mentioned above but I don't understand what it's doing nor is actually working for my setup. Yall are all geniuses for figuring this out, but my lizard brain is still trying to catch up. Can yall look at this and tell me if anything looks off to you? I'll attach my setup below.


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Make sure Max Button Page is set to 4 so that the buttons on page 4 are active. They're (mostly) being ignored now.
Ok I've changed that on that global page. I even went back and troubleshot it the way you recommended above with unchecking the PC message and manually changing the preset in the HX. It seems Footswitches aren't responding correctly in any preset when it comes to those IA Commands. Ill try to activate FFS 1 and it will turn on both FFS1 and FFS2, or it will turn on FFS2. And same thing if I try to use the preset that turns on FFS2. To me it seems random but I can't figure out where there are conflicting CC Messages in my setup.