[PBC/6X] Bug: outputs resetting when using inbuilt tuner


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When using the inbuilt tuner while having a preset active that only uses output 2 (currently only possible via the Mastermind editor), after deactivating the tuner suddenly both output 1 and 2 are active! After changing to another preset and selecting it again, the outputs are fine again (output 1 deactivated - output 2 active).

Demonstration: https://gfycat.com/essentialgleamingcardinal


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I've narrowed down the problem to the IA actions on the tuner button. Is there a way to preserve the state of the outputs #1 and #2 after the tuner is disengaged? Currently both outputs are set to ON when the tuner is disengaged.


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Currently, there's no way to specify "go back to the way you were before". I'm trying to think of a solution for this...


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Okay, thanks for the feedback!

Currently I'm using a workaround, where I'm leaving output 1 and 2 OFF after tuning and then switching presets manually. After that the outputs are fine.