PC Offset - Minor Issue


It seems that when setting a device to PC offset 0, you are unable to access the final preset when using PC+ or PC- commands.

For example, the Empress Echosystem has 35 presets on board, with PC 0 activating the 'live' mode (no led's illuminated). The device would be set up as show below:
PC Offset: 0
Mac PC: 35
No. of Presets: 35

When set this way, each of the 35 presets including the live mode are activated with their corresponding PC when recalled from one of the 768 RJM presets. Song & Setlist modes work perfectly this way.

However, if I set a button to Preset+ for the Echosystem, it reaches up only to 34, then resets back to 0. It seems there is just a minor discrepancy between the way the device is set up, and how it is accessed with these commands.

Happy to clarify anything if it doesn't make sense or isn't replicable on other devices.


Staff member
That's actually correct behavior - the number indicates the number of presets on the device, not the maximum PC number.

If the PC offset is 1, then your 35 presets are 1 through 35. If your PC offset is 0, then your 35 presets are 0 through 34. If you want 0 through 35, that's 36 presets. Bump "# of presets" to 36 everything should work as expected. I probably didn't account for live mode when counting presets, so that number should probably be changed in the defaults.