Possible feature: Preset aliases


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There have been other threads asking for more presets, and I'm sort of in that camp in that it would be nice to be able to name the presets "<Song name> <part name>" like "My Song chorus" but if you have a lot of songs, you'd run out of presets pretty quickly since there's more Song slots than preset slots (I'd also be okay with repurposing song slots and setlist slots for presets cause who needs 1008 songs and 64 setlists?). I'm assuming that's impossible for memory reasons, but an alternative that could give you the same approach without increasing memory usage significantly is the ability to add more than one name to a preset. Cause honestly, even if you want to name your presets like above, you're probably reusing the actual presets across songs. And if it was possible to have "Song A Preset 1" and "Song B Preset 1" both in the list of available presets on the songs tab, but pointing at the same preset entry, that would be the best of both worlds. Just name each preset with all the song parts it corresponds to and then add the appropriate one to the song. I think it would be helpful if all the names showed in the preset list as well since I assume that's how people would want to look for them.