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First post. I've been on the Fractal forum since 2008. I'm considering buying a GT to use with my Axe-FX III. I'd love to see how others have laid out theirs to inspire ideas for how I might use it. Thanks.
Of course that was the first thing I did....but I can't inquire about their approach. ;)

Well, you could. I've done it a few times regarding various stuff, if you find something interesting and the person happens to have a website or a blog, just shoot them an email. People who are passionate about their hobby are usually very helpful.





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DSCN6747.JPG DSCN6753.JPG Valve amp and portable setup. Morley volume pedal not shown. Tried the 4cm with the axe and orange. Worked fine, but saw very little point. Now i just use it in the loop. Not sure I'll jump to the Axe III for a long time, if ever tho. Programming atm...

upadted 1/1/19 No more axe fx. Nothing wrong with it, I just didnt prefer it. Back to the simple g-force in the orange loop. Not much setup to show. The gt16 is WAY overkill for the amp, but i love it for so many other things as well. Still a keeper.

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I have updated my personal user layout MMGT 22. Finally, I have overcome laziness and have labeled external switches and pedals. And then I plugged in only one 6XLR cable with a phantom power box. Everything works perfectly.
Here is the result :)

RJM 01012019.jpg

RJM 01012019_detail.jpg


The left rockboard gives me midi and power to the front of the rack. I strung 2 cables together to my rjm for power and midi. There is also a usb in the rockboard which I use to programme my axe fx. Lastly I use the power socket to power the power strip in my rack. That powers the axe, wireless and the rjm. I use the right rockboard to go to my monitors. The power sockes in that one is powered by the power strip inside my rack. This means I only need one wall wart at rehearsals to power everything.