Powering GT16 from power brick?

Ah yeah fair enough man then your best option is to just power off your Zuma then. phantom power boxes are more suitable for rack based rigs. I reckon just stick with the Zuma with the current doubler and maybe you can purchase an extra long iec cable so all your power cables are bundled towards the back of your amp. Maybe you can bundle all your cables together in one loom that runs to your pedal board
Just trying to find the best setup… I think the Zuma is the best option at the moment as well. My other pedalboard has all cabling in one bundle with a long power cord. Got the cord and bundle supplies here: Pedal Python
Thanks for the input, definitely appreciate it!
No, sorry, not enough current.
On that Yankee device, in the technical specs it said that output 4 will do 12V 1000mA. I only looked at the first and smallest one on the page, the HS-M5, I presume they are all similar but perhaps the bigger ones it would no longer be output 4. Isn’t that enough?