Preset Action OFF value


I ran into this problem, when I wanted to turn up the boost functionality of the TimeLine for a given preset and tried to do so with a "Preset Action":

The solution recommended here worked great for me in this case.

However, in other cases, were I'm trying to adjust specific TimeLine/BigSky settings for arbitrary sections of a variety of songs, the "Preset Action" really does seem a great place to do this. My wish list request would be:

A Preset OFF value included in the Action (or the ability to set a specific OFF action in the list of Preset Actions that would fire when exiting the preset). This way Preset Actions could do their own cleanup and not require all other presets to have Preset Actions that revert all other Preset Actions.

Bonus would be: a CC Toggle takes note of the device's MIDI setting and automatically returns it to the previous state on Preset exit. That would be excellent.