Problems with Sending MIDI commands on PCs with Strymons


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I'm having trouble with my new PBC6X, I hope you can help me.
My Timeline and Bigsky are connected to the PBC via MIDI and I'm under the impression that I'm following the right steps to send Pcs and CC messages, but something is wrong

I always put my PC number in the PC Box that is checked (in the preset tabs), and I add the CC action 102 (either 0 or 127 depending if I want the preset engaged or not on the device.

Even so, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I can see the LED on the Strymons wanting to engage, but they turn off right away. The Timeline doesn't seem to get the Bypass message when the CC102 is on 0, and sometimes the Bigsky doesn't engage the Preset.

Can you help? I read somewhere it could be related to my Scroll Page where I have DEV PC+ and -, if the buttons have an action set when it does not need one, tried to troubleshoot that but it didn't work! Or maybe related to my IA button set to Bypass to bypass either the Bigsky or the Timeline on an other buttons page

Here is my file if ever you could have a look

Thank you in advance!


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You have buttons, such as Stereo Delay on page 5, that send PC and CC to your Timeline. These buttons have Send on Preset Change and Update on Preset Change turned on, which means that they send their PC and CC every time you change presets. You probably want to find all of these buttons and turn off Send on Preset Change. Leaving Update on Preset Change turned on isn't a bad idea, it will reset those buttons to the "off" state every time you change presets, without actually sending any messages to the pedal(s).


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Hi ! Thank you for your quick answer!

I went to check all of my button pages to go uncheck these "Send on Preset Change" on those Buttons where PP and CC are send to my Strymons, and it didn't seem to do the trick....

Then , to trouble shoot, I put the max button pages to 3, so these Pages designed for my Strymons where not there anymore, and then it worked !
So the problem is definetly in those pages, but it appears to be something else then the "Send on Preset Change" box.

Would you mind having an other look?
Thanks a lot !


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