Question about getting the AXE-FX tuner on the MMGT etc..


So I have an AXFX-III hooked to my MMGT via a seven pin MIDI cable, so it is it bi directional MIDI. I would like to make my "tap" button or my "song list" button bring up my AXFX-III tuner on the MMGT screen when I use the "hold" function. Does anyone know how to get all of that working? Thanks


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Double click the button in the editor to get the full button edit screen to pop up. At the top left, set Button Mode to Hold.

You'll now see two options at the top: Button Settings and Hold Functions. The first is what the button does when it's pressed, the second is what it does when it's held.

Set the hold function settings like the below photo. More information on hold functions can be found here:

Hold Functions

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 11.15.11 AM.png