Rack Gizmo and Midi with Behringer FX2000


Hi, I was wondering if it were possible and how to be able to have my Rack Gizmo with it's original Mastermind be able to talk to my Behringer FX2000 rack so I am able to change the user presets from the Mastermind with the press of a foot. That way I can decide if I want preset 7 that has reverb on it, or swap it with preset 2 which is pitch shift. Instead of getting a behringer foot controller, and having all this gear all over the floor, just pedal board, mastermind, and my racks and cab.


Staff member
Yes, you should be able to do that. Set the Behringer to a different MIDI channel than the Rack Gizmo and set up a second MIDI device in the Mastermind to control it (Rack Gizmo would be labeled PC1 and Behringer would be PC2 in the Mastermind's setup). There are some old videos on Youtube that should the details of Mastermind setup for multiple devices.