Run 2 MEG with a Mastermind


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Hello there!
I am running a MEG with my old Mastermind (Firmware 1.4) but I am having issue to run a second MEG with it, to have a second set of 5 loops.
It looks like the CC are sent to CH01, as defined in Global Steup, but I haven't found a way to send them to CH02 (the second MEG).
Thanks for your help !
Each of the CCs can only be sent to one channel. The second MEG will need to be controlled with PC messages - you can store presets on the second MEG and recall them from the Mastermind, but you won't be able to have instant access to the loops from Mastermind buttons.
OK, thanks a lot for the quick answer!
I will change my strategy accordingly and will no longer use CC for MEG, rather for my multieffects.
Thanks a lot once again,
Take care.