Saving extension switch status


Really starting to get frustrated with an EQ2 and the extension switches. I am not running the EQ2 in a loop, but rather controlling it with CC and PC. I want one extension switch to increment the presets 1-10. I want the other switch to turn the EQ2 on and off. That pretty much works, but I cannot figure out how to get the status saved/sent from PBC presets. Any ideas for handling generic midi pedals this way?

Note: I have the option to save the EQ2 presets engaged or bypassed, whichever works best.


On EQ2: Save all EQ2 presets as not engaged

1. Send PC on preset active (for EQ2 device)
2. Send CC on preset inactive
3. For presets that I want EQ2 on, Preset actions set up for EQ2 CC 101 = 127
4. Manually save the state of extension switch led to be on for those presets, off for others - functions as bypass switch for EQ2
5. Other extension switch increments EQ2 presets for quick changes

This is now functional, but what would be nice is if the extension bypass switch would automatically IA Link to the preset actions with same CC message, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. This would eliminate the tedious step 4 above.


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Sorry, CCs don't link with IA Link, only PCs do.

A better way to do it, in my opinion, is the following:

- Turn on Send CCs on Preset Change for the EQ2 device
- Remove all of the CC#101 preset actions from your presets
- Make sure your external switches have Send on Preset Change and Update on Preset Change turned on

Now, the external switch will automatically send the bypass CC itself. You just need to make sure the button is programmed to be on or off for each preset, and it will send the message. No need for preset actions, and the button will always be in sync with the actual pedal state, because the button is the only thing that will be sending the bypass CC.


Thank you very much. It has been a busy week but I will be able to try this out later today. Much appreciated - this helps me understand how these options work together (and when not to combine them).