Saving preset names (from pedals) on editor software instead of midi numbers


i use the 3 “big” strymon pedals. There are several presets from each pedal that I use regularly. It would be awesome if I could save the names of those presets into the editor software so instead of guessing the midi number there would be a preset name to go with the midi number while I’m creating songs/setlists


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I second this. I would also suggest a section on the presets page or a new tab that features a “notes” section. You could type up whatever notes you want. In addition, you could included the name of the preset number assigned to the Strymon pedals.
Yes, yes, yes. There are so many pedals out there that have MIDI presets, but no screens (Chase Bliss, Strymon, etc.) Being able to save preset names would be a HUGE step forward. Then as you cycle through presets, having the name pop up on the screen would be life changing for many of us. My PBC already does something similar when I’m on the Global Preset, then hit the Function switch again.

I’ve attached photos for reference. The first photo (more blue with pedals visible in background) is displaying the “Global Preset” preset name. Then when I hit the Function Switch again, the second “Global Preset pops up for just a brief moment.

Imagine having a button page where you cycle through preset on MIDI devices (many of us have done this), and as you cycle through your different pedals, you see a preset name on your Mastermind pop up for just a second, much like the Global Preset already does.


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Pro tip: try naming every preset on your devices the program change number that is required to recall it. Strymon starts on zero for their presets, so I named the first two digits of every preset on my Timeline like so. Hope this helps.

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