Sending CC messages with Mastermind

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*Edit - an attempt to simplify my question(s)

Hi all,
I'm trying to use the Mastermind to send messages to a drum machine.
The unit requires me to send just CC#s for some commands, but some commands also require CC# and a CC Value.
I've been reading the manual, and am uncertain on a few things.
First question - can the Mastermind send both a CC# and a CC Value?

But to start with (and keep it simple), I'm trying to just try and send a CC#, to trigger a simple command.
I am having trouble understanding how to assign this though.

My steps:
- Press '1/3' to get into edit mode.
- Press 'Function' to get into the Global settings.
- Press 'Function' a few times to advance to CC1 (or CC2/3/4/5/6/7/8)
- Here (which I believe are 8 'slots' for creating a CC command) and I assign a CC number (which I believe is a CC# and not a CC Value). So great, I believe that means (let's say) I have CC1 set to send a CC# of 117.
- How do I now assign CC1 to a button??
-> I think I found the answer to this question, you simply hit the function button (so the 5 primary buttons are now the IA controls), and CC1 is automatically now triggered by button 1 (someone correct me if that is wrong....also, how do you get to CC 6,7,8? (since there are only 5 buttons).

Final question is same as my first question - can the Mastermind send CC# and a CC Value?

Thanks for any assistance.
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