Sending Tempos to Multiple Devices Using Single Function Switch


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Is it possible to send tempos to two different devices (a Walrus Monument & Julianna) using a Y cable out of the single function switch output of the PBC 6X? It seems like it would be possible but in the manual, it says to not connect the mono ends of a Y cable to two different devices. Anyone else doing this by chance? Thanks.
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That sort of thing I have to consider "not recommended but not impossible". There are three most likely outcomes when trying to do something like that:

1). It works fine
2). You get ground loop hum
3). You damage your pedals

The latter is the least likely by far, but it's still possible if you don't know anything about the internals of your pedals. I just did a video about function switches, and show a method of testing to insure that damage doesn't happen.

Function Switches

As I mention in the video, the only pedals I have tested and seem to work fine together are Strymon pedals. I haven't tested any others at this time.


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I probably won't mess with it then, it's something I can live without haha. Thanks for clearing that up.

Edit: Just an update in case this helps anyone, I am currently sending audio taps to a Walrus Audio Monument V2 and Diamond Memory Lane Jr using a Y cable and it works perfectly.
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