SETLIST Menu or SETLIST Banking button/function feature?


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I am requesting this wishlist item based on a quote from a question I had a few months ago about cuing up playlists. The quote was an answer in the form of:
Please note there's no way currently to use the bank buttons to scroll through setlists.

It would be great to have a funtion that can be added to a button (both main funtion or HOLD function) that allows the MMLT to cycle through filled playlists:

• cue up a software page (by which I mean it is a page that cannot be made custom and also does not eat up of one of the 16 customizable pages).
• Bank Up and Bank Down will bank through filled playlists (only showing filled playlists, no blank playlists)
• Hitting Preset 4 selects the currently highlighted preset and takes the MMLT to said playlist
• Hitting "NONE" in this menu of playlists can be set to take the MMLT back to its programmed startup page or set to "previous"
• (All other buttons on this page are functionless can connot take the MMLT out of this page by accident)

Is this a feature that could be added to the MMLT's firmware someday?