Setlist Shortcut Buttons - Sync state with Setlist menu


I have numerous setlists, but I generally use the same three or four 90% of the time. As a results, I put "shortcut" buttons on a main page to access these setlists (using cc system/setlist #). However, I can use these in toggle mode as there seems to be no way to sync state with the setlist sub-menu. For example, if I select Setlist A shortcut button, and then select setlist B from the setlist submenu, their states will not be in sync, thus I resort to only using the shortcut buttons in momentary mode. Would it be possible to sync these up without a ton of coding work?
Group the buttons together - set the group number to 1 on all the buttons. Turning on one button will turn off the others in the group.
I had a spare page, so for now I built my own setlist menu and linked everything via IA link. So, this may only be something worthwhile if you are completely out of button pages!