"SETUP MODE" added to Cycle Button options


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So I'm learning the more complex aspects of the MASTERMIND LT.

I'm limited on what I want to do due to the only 7 buttons on the MASTERMIND LT. But I love the form factor of the MMLT because I want a small footprint for a pedalboard.

I wish there was an option to put a "SETUPMODE" command in a cycle button because I would like the 1st button on my MMLT (Top Left Button) to be a:

GLOBAL BUTTON with HOLD function
• Primary Function: Tap Tempo
• HOLD Function: Initiate Cycle (Step 1; page 1 "Presets", Step 2; page 2 "Ia Stomp Mode", Step 3; Setup Mode)

My reasoning behind this is this one button will allow me to navigate between the three pages I have set up for preset, stomp pages and the setup mode will allow me to navigate to songs/setlists/ect. all from one button who's primary function is to send out tap (until it is held and initiates HOLD functions).

Is this a possibility we could see in an update?
I'll look into the possibility of a Setup Mode action. It probably would be easy to do.