Show in IA mode only

We have the function Active in IA mode only. Very handy, but if we have another checkbox so the hold function only shows when IA mode is activated, it sort of gives an extra page.
When Show in IA mode only is activated and Show name is off, you can use IA mode to peek what the hold function is, and when Show name is on, you will see the other name in the second line like it is doing now.
When Active in IA mode is activated, and Show name is off, you have an extra IA button like you have another page.

Might be cool, and save pages.
On that same idea, maybe also a Show name when active.
I use some buttons to send presets to my amps. I use 16 presets of the 32, because you can use the expression pedal to morph from preset 1 to preset 17, and from 2 to 18 etc. But to program the amps I'd like to send PC 17 and up, so I use the hold function. Normal press sends 1, hold sends 17. But on the display is says:
Would be cool if it just says PRESET 1, and when I hold the button it says PRESET 17.