SONG-LEVEL Preset Name?


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Love RJM. Have a MMLT and a MEGX. This setup is so versatile and reliable. I love it.

Was wondering if a feature could be added.

I have my presets named by sound/pedal. PRESET NAME EXAMPLE: "Red | Chorus Delay"
"Red" indicates the amp channel and "Chorus Delay" indicates the effects of chorus and delay on the preset.

Currently I have all of the presets I use copied in quadruplicate so I can assign a "...TRO" (for into or outro), "VERSE", "CHORUS" and "SOLO" to my song presets for setlists. it's a complicated process keeping everything in order but I do this because my MMLT has 2 modes
MODE I: STOMP/PRESET where I can stomp on individual pedals and amp channels or I can cycle through every possible amp-channel/pedal combination
MODE II: PLAYLIST where I cue up playlists that have the song names with each section names "...TRO", "VERSE", "CHORUS", "SOLO"

But I was wondering if it would be possible to add a SONG-LEVEL name to presets that would show in playlist mode.

EXAMPLE: A Preset is always named "Dirty Chorus Phaser" or whatever you like to name it... but when you select that preset in the song building tab you can rename it whatever you like... say "CHORUS"... so when the preset it cued up in any mode, like a preset mode on the Mastermind it will read as "Dirty Chorus Phaser" but when cued up in a song in playlist mode it will read "CHORUS". This way every preset would only need to be created ONCE but could be renamed at song level to whatever the user desires and would only read as such when that preset is cued up in a song on a setlist.

Is this a feature that could be added? It would make organizing and naming presets for different modes much easier I think.
Thanks for the input, it's something I've been considering. Limited memory space is one of the primary obstacles at this point.