SONG Tab "Show Page" Checkbox?


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Is it possible to add a "Show Page" checkbox in the SONGS tab so that the song you are assigning presets to will map the songs to a selected page?

Personally, I have several pages with preset buttons where each button has a HOLD function... the way I currently set this up is to have duplicate presets assigned to specific pages and then chose said preset(s) for the song preset so it will be mapped to the desired page(s) when the song is recalled by a setlist. Having a "show page" checkbox for song presets would make this process much easier and allow any preset to be mapped the way I'm describing rather than having to create specific presets to be grouped in the song preset that need to be mapped to the desired page.

Is this a doable
Sorry, pages can be assigned to presets, but not songs.
I understand that is how the LT currently works.

I'm requesting this as a wishlist item.

I think moving the "show page" box to the song level or adding one to the song level would make song/setlist arrangement more versatile.

Is this a feature that could be added?
Potentially, yes.

Are you reusing presets across songs? I just want to make sure I understand the application.

Yes. I have 4 versions of all my presets ("...TRO" - for intro or outro, "VERSE", "HOOK", "SOLO") so the appropriate version can be assigned to a song and show the appropriate song part label.

I have multiple preset pages. Each button has a different secondary hold function mapped to it so the preset will load as expected and if I want to add an effect to the currently selected preset I just hold one of the preset buttons to add the desired effect to the signal chain. But I have to navigate to a specific page for a specific song which can turn into a tap dance between songs.

My reasoning behind adding a "show page" box at the song level (probably a check box and a drop down to assign page to show) is to make this kind of setup easier, that way no matter which page is mapped to the preset it can be overriden for the purposes of song/setlist mode and automatically take the MMLT to the page.

Elsewise, the only way to achieve an "auomatic page change" would be to have presets for every single page. If there are 6O presets and 7 pages, that would require 42O be created and organized.

Just my reasoning. I think a "show page" override box at the song level might be very useful for my purposes and perhaps many others will find it useful for similar or unrelated purposes.

Thanks for your response. :)