Stereo Loop Signal Routing Clarification on PBX 6x


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I'm running a maxed-out PBC 6x with loops 4-5 and the insert loop in split mono. I have a Walrus Julianna in loop 6 running in stereo. I have the loops running in default order, which puts the Julianna in loop 6 of 10. The signal comes out of the 6x in stereo.

In the manual on page 11 (under Stereo Loops), it says "Please note that if you go from a stereo output pedal into a mono input pedal, only the left side of the stereo pedal's signal will be passed to the next pedal." Does that mean my Julianna needs to be re-ordered to be last so I'm not losing signal when it's engaged?


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If you put the stereo pedal last, you'll get a stereo chorus effect from the PBC/6Xs output. If you put one or more mono pedals in between the stereo pedal and the output, you'll get a mono signal from the chorus pedal, and the same mono signal out of both of the PBC/6X's outputs.