Strymon Iridium/PBC6X preset confusion

Thomas Hopton

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Hi there,

Having a confusing issue with the Strymon Iridium and the RJM PBC6X

I have the Iridium connected to a Disaster Area Midibox4 via MIDI TRS and I set up the Iridium to EXP to Digital Mode, MIDI channel 4-16, then I believe I sent it a CC message from MIDI channel 5, so it should be on MIDI channel 5.

I went and made 3 presets on slots 0 (Round), 1 (Chime) and 2 (Punch). They’re assigned to 3 different presets on the PBC. I go through those 3 presets and all is good. (The 0 preset shows up as a RED FAV led, and then 1 and 2 show up as ORANGE FAV led - not sure if that means anything or not).

I have the PBC presets sending PC messages to the Iridium via the quick shortcut available in the PBC Editor, so 0,1 and 2. Those all work fine.

The problem is this: Whenever I create a new preset, or go through a different preset I’ve made and select shortcut Iridium PC message of 0, 1 or 2 - they’re not the same preset as what is recalled from earlier. I’ve set all their gain to be low and then somehow the Punch is cranked, even though I’m sending it the identical PC msg of 2.

I love the Iridium, but it’s kind of a nightmare to manage because you can’t tell whether your MIDI channel is accurately set, or what presets are really in which slots, or really anything that’s happening.

I’m quite confused on what’s going on here, and if anybody has any insight, would be a huge help to tame the frustration.



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Alex Silberman

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In my experience, there is a conflicting error somewhere. I'd do the following:
1. Start with a blank config.
2. Set up the Iridium to receive CC102 (bypass) so you can confirm the MIDI channel is working.
3. If 2 passes, set up two presets with different PC numbers and see if they work properly. If so, then you know you've got a conflicting command in your regular config.

Sorry if this is overly simplistic and hope it helps.

Thomas Hopton

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Thanks for your suggestion @Alex Silberman, and I agree, I need to simplify it. So I went and made a preset in the RJM editor with nothing happening but sending a CC102 message to the Iridium. I've also switched the Iridium to MIDI ch. 1 to avoid other errors. When I hit that preset on the RJM, the Iridium doesn't bypass. Something is wrong with my connection.

I have the Disaster Area Midibox for midi, and the Iridium is in input 4 with the MIDI TIP setting (which Disaster Area told me to use), running a standard TRS to TRS cable to the Iridium.

I started getting the FAV and ON both flashing green at the same time, and have no idea what that is. Starting to consider a factory reset at this point because I'm confused.


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I think you're going to have to ask Strymon about the green lights - that probably needs to get resolved before you go further.