Strymon volante looper midi question

I'd appreciate any advice on how to program buttons to accomplish this. If I set aside a whole button page devoted to this, for example, I'd need one button to enter sos mode, one button for telling tap button to stop and start recording (or separate buttons for each. A button or two for pause functions, a button for reverse and a button for infinitive repeat.

Any help would be appreciated. I've managed to utilize the pbc without dealing with cc messages thus far and I guess my time is up.
If I assign a button and send cc number 41 that should direct volante to enter sos mode, correct? Is there another cc message number to begin recording and one to stop recording/start playback? Confused. Strymon Manual says value for on for cc message 41 is range of 1-127, what does that mean?
I guess you could assign a button to send cc message 82 for footswitch tap to value 127 "press," so everytime you use that button it will send a message to engage the tap footswitch on volante?


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I've never used a Volante, but what they mean there is that a value of 0 means off and a value of 1 through 127 means on. Just use off:0 on:127 and it'll work fine.

I don't see any sepcific record / play CCs, so I'm guessing you'll need to use the CCs for "On SW" "Fav SW" and "Tap SW" - these correspond to the three buttons on the Volante. Pressing one of them on the PBC should act like pressing them on the Volante itself. Turn on SOS using that CC, then assign buttons for the On, Fav and Tap buttons and see if they operate the looper.


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There's a Tap Tempo CC and a Tap SW (Switch) CC available. I'm not sure what the difference is, except that I would expect that the Tap Tempo CC will always function as tap tempo, but the Tap SW CC will operate differently based on mode (If the looper is active, it will control the looper instead)


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You have to simulate the switch press down / up. Once you're in SOS mode, the On/Off, Favorite, and Tap switches are used for controlling the SOS loop functions.

CC 82 for the Tap switch: 127 for press, 0 for release.
CC 81 for the Favorite switch: 127 for press, 0 for release.
CC 80 for the On/Off switch: 127 for press, 0 for release.

I think you'll need to use a CC momentary message so the switch executes 127 on press, 0 on release. It's definitely working for me on a PBC 6X and a Volante.